5 Tips to write the Correct App store Description for your mobile apps.

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App Store Enhancing can bring a great way to increase traffic and downloads for your mobile apps. There are various element of App Store Optimization that you have to consider and among those components “App Description” is perhaps most important of them all.

Catching the customers at that stage can make a big difference as first impression you make on your users will give you a great number of downloads after you publish your app on App store. To capture the user's attention you can keep your description precised and give the right and correct about if information which is enough to excite your users. Giving too much information at the very initial stage will not help App Developers India or any other country.

So we are here with the few tips on how to write the description for your Mobile app which is quite enough to hook your users into download it.


1) Define your app mostly in 255 characters:

That's the approximately the number of characters a user gets to grasp on your App's profile page on the apple App store without having to click on the “read more” link to have a look the extended information.

The initial characters of the description is known as “above the fold” text that seem naturally without putting any extra efforts to dig the text deeper. Most users will read the more if the initial texts excite them. Focus on bringing the value of your app at the same time charm and fascination to their imagination. If you do some research many of the popular apps showcase their integrity of statistics such as number of download they had in past apps, the unique and the best features of their apps.

2) Description in a form of Narration:

It is very important the way you explain about your Mobile apps. The form of the description should be narrate from the point of view of a user, how they want know the details about your app and not the way or not from the point of view of a creator or a developer. The best way to narrate is to tell a story that users can relate their interests with.

The users should be able to immediately imagine or picture themselves being able to use the app and understand the values and the features just by reading the description you write. The best simple way to make this possible is to imagine yourself as a user and explain the journey you would take as a intense user of the app.

3) Explain the problem and solution:

When an app solves problems of users, that app likely to get success more often and rapidly. Sometimes the problems which is solved by the similar apps are the same but to bring those problems into notice of your users will be surely beneficial to you.

For Example, Apps or the products that serve the benefits just like Uber app should solve the basic transportation problems of the users plus if you have any unique or special features which solve the unusual problem of users should be mentioned and communicated.

The shorter and the precised explanation of how your feature solve the specific problems of users would be preferable always by the users.

4) Emphasize the key features:

Even if your app has thousands of features, try to mention a few key features only because your users won't read much or attract by the description if you mention common features that every app has. The common features like taking notes, sharing on social media etc., won't attract your users at all.  
Mention about the features that showcase your fundamental offering or those that configure the positioning of your app. If your app provides the best dating features than focus on them only. Le t your users find out the rest features within the app.

5) Mention credibility statement:

If you have a good hold initially on users for your App than don't forget to showcase on the app store. Endorsement of any third party will help you if you have very little or no downloads.  
If you are expecting good number of downloads than add a feature in the app store which showcase the number of downloads to the new users that can surely attract them. Along with number of download you can add the feature which shows the user testimonials. Those can be also sources manually. In short treat your App store description as your product's advertisement copy.

So we hope all the above tips for App store description will help you to attract your users on the very initial stage. App Development Companies recommend that Pre marketing of an app is as important as post marketing. If your set a base for users to attract them to download your app than your app will be surely successful among the users. App Development Company India has the best command starting from developing app to make it a huge success. Contact us for any more information to develop Mobile apps on platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

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