Know some of the Myths about Ionic Framework along with the Hybrid Mobile App Development Exposed By Hyperlink Infosystem

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 So, what do you like ? Development of native iOS or Android applications? While you can build up mind blowing, functional apps irrelevant of their platform, don't you think it's not that enough? Perhaps, Yes. It will be Cost -increasing and time absorbing to develop a native app for each of the respective platform and given that your audience is scattered around various platforms, having a native app development for any one the respective platform is not that satisfactory. Rather, it is a good plan to have your app designed and developed for minimum two, though not all the available platforms. This can lead you foster the chance to voice your heart out to the millions of the people around the world.




Despite having advantages of Ionic, there are numerous myths that causes people to be reserved from using it to develop native applications. We Expose these myths to you so that next time Ionic can be one of your recommended choices.


Myth #1: Ionic is just another framework






Angular-powered Ionic has earned a lot of honor in the hybrid application development community since its time of launching. Ionic, an open-source platform, can empower you to build and design decent and highly functional mobile apps with the appearance same as of a native app. It also gives UI widgets for you to utilize and to tailoring using the CSS extension Vocab, Sass.

Myth #2: Hybrid apps aren’t as good as native ones





The core stamina of the Ionic Framework is that it empowers a more native-like experience for hybrid apps in the most reasonable manner. Ionic visage platform continuation which means you can develop once and deploy anywhere. In addition, Ionic is the solitary company that supports creating applications and developing mobile websites, all with the one stop similar code base.


Myth #3: Creating an Ionic app is a huge chore





Developing hybrid application is the biggest job because of their cramped functionality for development of consummate web apps. But with AngularJS, that has turned out as Angular is the main innovation that makes hybrid application possibility come true. Ionic provides same functionality for that of AngularJS that same is provided by iOS UIKit for Obj-C/Swift and same Android UI elements empowers for Java.


Myth #4: Ionic is new and thus has limited support







Yes, Ionic is newer vocab built on top of Cordova and Angular, which are very well-known technologies. So on whatsoever time, you face problems, you will get enough amount of technical support 24/7 from most renowned technical forums and blogs. And, don't forget, the Ionic Forum is one of the best place to get your answers to Ionic-specific queries and questions where you hunt out tutorials by many knowledgeable developers.


Outlining Session of Today's Topic :

If you are in dilemma that whether you should create your own mobile application i.e the native or hybrid way, then above mentioned 4 pointers can help you out to know how practical and easy hybrid  app development company India can be for developers , specifically with Ionic. We recommend you to take the move now and opt for hybrid with Ionic.

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