Some fascinating functions Apple Watch Apps will perform in WatchOS 2

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The Apple watch is ready to get and serve a lot more powerful features with the all new watchOS 2, the prime platform update of the wearables. Apple is coming with the next update this fall but here we are with some new things that Apple Watch will be able to do and App developers will be able to offer with their native software on the platform: So below are the five mind blowing things that Apple watch will be able to do with the update of watchOS 2.

More Faces, functionality and features for your to have better and the best personal experience:

Apple watch was designed with its very own Operating System- watchOS, in a way that you can take the benefit of its size and location on your wrist. Now Apple has come us with the all new Operating system that is watchOS 2. There are much more faces to choose from for the better look of your home screen and watch glances. All new powerful apps with faster and better performance. Strengthen communication options and so many innovative and creative ways to make your Apple watch just your own.


New looks and usages for your watch face.

Your watch face is the very first way from where your users starts their conversation. So Apple took care of that and given you many more different ways to set the watch faces exactly how you like. Now you can work and enjoy with the all new faces.

New Watch Faces


To see your favorite picture again and again, you can pick a special photos from your library and can set as your watch face. You can also set a whole photo album as your watch face so every time you raise your wrist, a different image from your album will appear one by one.


See the future and past with Time Travel:

A new feature introduced in watchOS 2 that is “Time Travel”, through which you can turn the digital crown and see what happened yesterday- what is happening now and what will happen tomorrow. For example, If you want to check the whether of your tomorrow's lunch date or want to go back in time to catch up the headlines you missed. You just have to press the digital crown if you want to to get back to the present. As simple as that!

Quicker and more powerful apps:

With watchOS 2, now apps can run natively for greater and better performance. Since many apps are native apps, they can entirely run individually on your Apple watch. So that take lesser time to load and perform with greater performance. Apple apps have now more scope with watchOS 2 when we talk about features like Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, heart rate sensor & microphone. These all will help you to make your day to day life simpler.


Known Apps with all new functions:

It is now simpler to keep in touch with your loved ones, express yourself and manage your schedule.

  • Replying to email has become easier and more convenient. Apple watch already let you to get emails but with watchOS 2 now you can also reply our mails. Just tap to the reply button which will be given on the bottom of your mail. You can also attach an emoji and respond to it as quick as possible.

  • To keep your inner friend circle close, watchOS 2 will let you to add multiple Friends screens and each of them can display up to 12 contacts. To organize your friends into groups, you can utilize the Apple watch app on your iPhone too.

  • You can be now more creative with your App by touching your digital screen and sending your own colorful sketches to another Apple wearers. Usage of multiple colors that will be provided by watchOS 2 will make it more attractive.

  • Receive more accurate transit information on your wrist. WatchOS 2 will let you to combine more types of transportation in a single trip. You just need to select any city around the world, you can get more detailed maps with all the information regarding trains, subways and bus schedules. It will also show you walking direction to and from your stop.

  • Even if your watch is stolen or lost, you don't need to worry because with the new security feature, it will ask you your iCloud Apple ID and Password.


So watchOS 2 looks very promising and powerful. It is coming this fall. Our iWatch App Developers are waiting to create something really good and attractive for Apple watch. App Development Company India is very well know for its great work. Contact us to be a part of a successful App.

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